Deshraj Yadav


Mr. Deshraj From Rewari District, Haryana, is An entrepreneur and visionary. Deshraj Yadav in 1996 started his carrier as a petrol pump manager at Arihant Filling station (Haryana Nh-08). In addition in 1999, he explored his carrier in transportation and join Yadav Transport Company Provide Road Transport Service in Haryana Punjab, UP.

He is an Ambitious & Multi-talented Person. He thrives on challenges and constantly sets goals for himself. He is unstoppable. He is always looking for opportunities to do better and achieve greatness.

In 2014, He registered a second company named Deshraj Trading Company with a turnover of 20 Crores.

In 2015 he started to build 1.55 Lakhs Sqft Warehouse in Tajnagar Gurgaon (Haryana) with his partner and relative and started to provide third party logistic service

Mr. Deshraj is the winner of many awards for dynamic leadership and innovation

In January 2017 another company MD Transport Company was registered (with a turnover of 15 Crore) it has 5 containers in beginning and is now with 100 trucks equipped with the latest communication system to provide road transport service.

Currently, he is the owner of 3 companies. :- Deshraj Trading Company, MD Transport Company, and MD Logistics Pvt Ltd.

Rahul Yadav


Rahul Comes with 8 years of experience in strategic planning & Management, Sales & Marketing, Business Development. Rahul has worked in all sectors of the Value chain across industry segments such as VMI-based manufacturing high-value logistics.

More than 10 years of experience in Human Resource Talent Acquisition, Team, Management, Business Partnering, and building strategy relevant to business objectives

Being a Professional have worked on talent acquisition, process improvements, implementation, and have the working experience to set up the team from Scratch.

Positioned to deliver leadership-proven resource maximization methodology, innovative operational efficiency, and cost reduction.

Entrepreneurial, MBA- Educated operations head with a proven record of systems, innovation, quality, leadership, and operations improvement in the freight management & Supply chain design

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